Ready to Fulfill Your Potential?

Busy professionals work with me as an accountability coach in order to meet their goals.

Pomegranates and their seeds represent potential and good fortune. And as in the Persephone myth in which she consumes pomegranate seeds before leaving the underworld, eating pomegranate seeds is symbolic of digesting the meaning of an impasse that brought us to a turning point, so one can learn from and work through it in order to return to the upperworld, i.e., everyday life, as a different person.

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MBTI Personality Type Consulting

As a Certified MBTI Practitioner, my consulting clients work with me to help their employees discover their MBTI Personality Type in order to be better leaders in innovation, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence — as well as less stressed, more effective, and more satisfied employees.

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Life Coaching for Helping Professionals

Accountability Coaching

If you choose to work with me as your accountability coach so you can better fulfill your potential, we will first select the goals on which you want to work. Then we will decide mutually how to reach these goals in a way that is meaningful and attainable for you. We will translate your goals into specific target behaviors, create an action plan, monitor your behavior, assess your progress, and/or tweak your action plan until you reach your goals. My approach combines behavioral coaching, mindfulness based self-awareness, and Jungian archetypes.

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Mentoring for Helping Professionals


If you need regular contact with me in between our MBTI Personality Type Consulting sessions and/or our Accountability Coaching sessions, I mentor a select number of clients by being available for unlimited contact seven days a week, via text, phone, email, and/or Skype.

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“Kristine is a delight to work with who possesses a powerful insight into the mind.”

–Bill Liao


November 15, 2017 in Archetypes, MBTI, Uncategorized

Selfishness is a Myth

In this age of restricted budgets and expanding job descriptions, many people experience the anxiety of being considered selfish. Selfishness is a myth. Accusations of selfishness are instead shaming tactics…

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October 17, 2017 in Archetypes

Are you a master of the healing arts? Are you a Wounded Healer?

Are you a master of the healing arts? Are you a Wounded Healer? And a healed or healing Wounded Healer? Previously, I’ve written about archetypes or the characters in our…

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September 13, 2017 in Archetypes, Internal Family Systems, Life Coaching, MBTI, Mentoring, Personality Type Basics

Who’s your Self-Care Archetype? The Martyr or the Mother?

No matter what language we speak or our cultural background, most of us appreciate that women and men who engage in mothering behaviors, whether they are parents or not, are…

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